Bloomreach Engagement is a multi-purpose AI-driven platform that empowers you to deliver **tailored commerce experiences consistently across various channels.** Our customer data platform allows you to store, analyze, and use the data to **personalize your websites and campaigns.**

**How?** Bloomreach Engagement enables you to send out birthday discounts to your customers, create countdowns on limited offers, see which emails get opened, remind customers of unfinished purchases and much more!

Learn more about Engagement on our [website](🔗).

# Engagement features

Watch the following video to see Bloomreach Engagement features in action:

### Campaign builder

Engagement enables you to create [campaigns](🔗) without coding using our drag-and-drop journey builders and easy-to-use visual editors. Send professional [emails](🔗), [weblayers](🔗), and [SMS](🔗) in no time.

### Experiments and A/B Testing

Build [different variants](🔗) of your campaigns, choose a metric to evaluate it, and let Engagement send the best-performing [Experiments](🔗) automatically.

### AI-powered insights

[Predict](🔗) customer behavior to increase the efficiency of your campaigns. Generate personalized product [recommendations](🔗) for visitors browsing your website.

### Omni-channel orchestration

Compose a personalized cross-channel journey using [email](🔗), [SMS](🔗), [web/mobile push notifications](🔗), [in-app messages](🔗) for mobile apps, [Whatsapp](🔗), [webhooks](🔗), [ad audiences](🔗), [APIs](🔗), or [3rd party integrations](🔗).

### Unified customer experience at scale

[Single Customer View](🔗) merging customer data into one place enables hyper-personalization while maintaining marketing automation. Target groups of customers efficiently based on shared attributes using [segmentations](🔗).

### Use cases

Employ [Plug&Play](🔗), fully-functional and ready-to-launch use cases, to quickly bring value to your business. Additionally, our Documentation includes many business [use cases](🔗) with step-by-step tutorials on setting them up easily.

### Pre-defined templates

Save time and utilize our collection of ready-made [email](🔗), [predictions](🔗), and [recommendations templates](🔗).

### Data evaluation

Manage your customer data, display it in one place and gather insights into customer behavior with advanced [Analytics](🔗).

Learn more about Engagement on our [website](🔗).