Deliver personalized content to the mobile phone with Engagement's mobile push notifications and leverage native integrations with SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp.

## Who is this for?

  • Mobile marketers

  • SMS marketers

  • User acquisition managers

  • Anyone who wants to know how to deliver customer experience through the mobile messaging applications

Overall topics to go through: 6 Overall estimated time: ∼50 minutes

### 1-4 _Mobile Messaging Basics_

Reading time: 30 minutes

Learn how to effectively run personalized SMS and MMS campaigns.

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1.[SMS Campaigns](🔗)Run **personalized SMS campaigns** allowing one-to-one communication with your customers.
2.[MMS Campaigns](🔗)Create even more personalized campaigns and boost your interactions through **multimedia messages**.
3.[Two-way messaging and Keywords Auto Responses](🔗)Allow your customers to **send direct replies** to the text messages received from your campaign.
4.[Campaign Link Shortener](🔗)Replace all **hyperlinks** in the text of the campaign with its shortened version.

### 5-6 _Mobile Messaging Advanced_

Reading time: 20 minutes

Explore further mobile messaging options, such as WhatsApp, and explore what are the necessary mobile messaging integration requirements.

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5.[WhatsApp](🔗)Use WhatsApp as an **additional channel** through which you can communicate with your customers and reach them on their mobile devices.
6.[Messaging Integrations](🔗)Guides on how to integrate Bloomreach Engagement with **other messaging applications** such as Facebook Messanger.

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### _Further learning resources_

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[Web & App Personalization: Path](🔗)Do you have a mobile app and would you like to send in-app messages and notifications? Check the Web & App personalization learning path.
[Ad Optimization: Path](🔗)Learn how to optimize your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat.

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