Build uniquely personalized web experiences for your customers - with our no-code builders, real-time browsing behavior, first-party customer data, and true 1:1 personalization across all digital touchpoints.

## Who is this for?

  • Digital teams, Merchandisers, Marketers

  • Web designers

  • Website A/B testers

  • Conversion managers, assistants

  • Ecommerce professionals

  • Anyone who wants to know how to optimize your website for a truly unique customer experience

Overall topics to go through: 8 Overall estimated time: ∼90 minutes

### 1-4 _Web Personalization Basics_

Reading time: 40 minutes

Learn how to work with basic web & app optimization tools, such as web layers, experiments, and push notifications. This adds to your knowledge of Scenarios.

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Column Title
Column Title
1.[Weblayers](🔗)Drive engagement and conversion on your website with our **personalized banners**.
2.[Experiments](🔗)Learn how to perform **modifications on your website**.
3.[Browser Push Notifications](🔗)Learn how to set up **web push notifications**.
4.[Managed Endpoints API](🔗)Learn how can **managed endpoints** personalize any customer touchpoint, while maintaining fast load times, better page performance, and higher security.

### 5-7 _App Personalization Basics_

Reading time: 30 minutes

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5.[In-App Messages](🔗)**Display banners** to your customers within your mobile app.
6.[Mobile Push Notifications](🔗)Send **mobile push notifications** to your mobile app users and alert customers about time-sensitive information such as product updates, promotions, and special announcements.
7.[App Inbox](🔗)Do not let the mobile notifications disappear after being dismissed and keep them **stored in the App Inbox** in the mobile application for a defined period of time.

### 8-12 _Web & App Personalization Advanced_

Reading time: 40 minutes

Start using product recommendations in your web layers and push notifications, and bring personalization to the next level with our more advanced tools.

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Column Title
Column Title
8.[A/B Testing](🔗)Learn about your **A/B Testing options** and metrics to track while testing your on-site personalization.
9.[Contextual Personalization](🔗)Find out the differences between A/B Testing and our **deeper personalization feature** based on the consideration of customer's context.
10.[Product Recommendations in Bloomreach Engagement](🔗)Show personalized **product recommendations** on your website. Focus on rule-based recommendations. Find out more about AI-based models in the AI path.
11.[Recommendation Templates](🔗)See our **pre-defined** Recommendation **templates**.
12.[Testing Campaigns on yourself](🔗)Learn how to **test a web layer** on yourself before anyone else sees it.

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## Your onboarding is now complete!

You can further leverage your knowledge with the learning materials below. Alternatively, continue with another learning path to master another area of the tool.

### _Further learning resources_

Column Title
Column Title
[Campaign administration](🔗)Read about a number of tips on how to improve your campaigns.
[Asset Manager](🔗)Create and choose pre-defined templates.
[Page Optimization](🔗)Best practices regarding Page design and optimization.
[Business UC: Surveys and Weblayers](🔗)Use Cases that focus primarily on improving the functionality and Deliverability of your Campaigns.
[Integrating and using Experiments](🔗)Learn about the ways Experiments are integrated to your website.
[Business UC: Recommendations Business Guide](🔗)Business Use Cases that can be delivered with Recommendations.
[Engagement Product Recommendations course](🔗)Provide personalized value to your customers and learn how to make your product recommendations best suited to your business needs.
[Jinja](🔗)Personalize your customer communication even further with Jinja.
[Engagement Jinja course](🔗)For more technical users wanting to master their personalization tactics and custom use cases.

Find all articles on **Campaigns** in the [documentation](🔗).