[Hightouch](🔗) is a data integration platform that helps you synchronize customer data across various platforms and applications. Integrating Hightouch with Bloomreach Engagement can help you improve customer engagement, increase conversions and drive revenue.

Hightouch uses reverse ETL - a process where data is copied from data warehouses and Bloomreach Engagement to platforms where these data get utilized.

## Supported data syncs

  • **Events**: you can sync data from any source to any events

  • **Customers**: you can sync data from any source to the customer objects

## Setting up Bloomreach Engagement destination

If you want to start syncing data from Bloomreach Engagement to Hightouch, go to our [complete destination guide](🔗), where you can find setup details and explanations on how the data flows to Bloomreach Engagement.

## Feeding data from Bloomreach Engagement to Hightouch

To distribute data from Bloomreach Engagement to Hightouch, you can do so through our exports to Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, and Azure Storage, and the Sources configuration of Hightouch. This data distribution setup allows you to export data to multiple destinations. However, this sync does not function in real-time. See the links below for setup guides:

Bloomreach DocumentationHightouch Documentation
[Azure Storage for Exports ](🔗)[Azure Blob Storage](🔗)
[Google Cloud Storage](🔗)[Google Cloud Storage](🔗)

[Google BigQuery](🔗)