## Who is this for?

For everyone who has completed the _Engagement Basics_ section.

  • **Are you a _specialist_ who needs to use only specific parts of the platform?** Choose the learning path that suits the needs of your role.

  • **Are you a _generalist_ or an aspiring power user?** Aim to go through all of the Learning paths to learn how to use the platform to its full potential.

## Learning paths


Choose a learning path(s) that matches your role and responsibilities in the company and start using the relevant area of the Engagement tool.

PathLearn aboutSuitable for
[Administration: Path](🔗)- Your project's settings - Essential security practices- Platform administrators - Account admins - Project leads and managers
[Analytics: Path](🔗)- Analytical data units - Use of Engagement's analytical tools- Data analysts - Data architects/ scientists
[Email Marketing: Path](🔗)- Creating an email campaign - Leveraging your email marketing strategy and increasing revenue generated by email- Email marketers - Automation specialists - Campaign/ Communications specialists
[Web & App Personalization: Path](🔗)- Using Web & App tools (web layers, push notifications, product recommendations...) - Enhancing your campaigns & strategy- Digital teams, Merchandisers, Marketers - Web designers - Website A/B testers - Conversion managers, assistants - Ecommerce professionals
[Mobile Messaging: Path](🔗)- Creating SMS & MMS campaign - Other messaging and campaign integrations- Mobile marketers - SMS marketers - User acquisition managers
[Ad Optimization: Path](🔗)- Facebook/Instagram & Google remarketing ads - Lead & Other application ads- Digital marketers - Ad campaigns managers - Advertising directors/ executives
[AI & ML Tools: Path](🔗)- Predictions - AI-based recommendations- Anyone interested in learning about our advanced artificial intelligence and maching learning tools
[Developers: Path](🔗)- The integration process - Data imports/exports - 3rd party & custom integrations- FE developers - Head of IT - QA/ SW tester