Recharge integration allows you to set up **transactional messages directly to your customers**. These are messages, such as subscription confirmations, upcoming charge notifications, charge failure alerts, and subscription skip notifications. In addition, this integration provides **valuable subscription data** that can be used as insights for reports and analytics. It enables you to make informed decisions and optimize your subscription-based business.

# How the Integration Works

Recharge integration sends **subscription-related events and customer property** to Bloomreach in **real time**.

There are **two types of events** sent from Recharge in real time:

  • `subscription` (status: activated, canceled, created, deleted)

  • `subscription_charge` (status: created, paid)

As well as a **customer property**:

  • `recharge_subscription_active` (TRUE/ FALSE - depends on whether the customer has active subscriptions or not).

# Setup in a Nutshell

## 1. Add New Integration

To integrate with Recharge go to `Data and Assets > Integrations > Add new integration > Recharge`.

## 2. Authenticate the Integration

To authenticate with Recharge you need to enter the **Recharge API**.

To generate it, go to your Recharge account and then go to `Apps > API Tokens > Create an API Token`. Make sure that you have selected the mandatory permissions to ensure that the integration works correctly.

Mandatory Permissions

**Orders** - Read access **Customers** - Read access **Subscriptions** - read access

## 3. Connect Recharge with Bloomreach Engagement

Once the API Token is successfully inside Recharge, copy and paste the **API Token** and **API Client Secret** inside Bloomreach.

## 4. Choose Your Customer ID

Decide which **customer ID** should be used to **identify events** that come from Recharge:

  • Email

  • Recharge ID (optional)

As well as decide whether you want to import **customer property** such as Subscription active (`recharge_subscription_active`).

## 5. Finish the Integration Process

Once all the steps above are completed, click on the `Save` button and see your Recharge events appear in Bloomreach in real time.

# Use Cases

  • Send out **transactional messages** based on subscription data (e.g., subscription confirmations, upcoming charge notifications, charge failure alerts, and subscription skip notifications).

  • **Increase the number of running subscriptions** by proper analysis inside Bloomreach using customer data, including subscription insights.

# Limitations

None of the events or statuses outside the list below are tracked inside Bloomreach:

  • `subscription` (status: activated, canceled, created, deleted)

  • `subscription_charge` (status: created, paid)

Additionally, event `customer_change` can be triggered if Recharge is connected with a Shopify store. This behavior is related to updates in the Shopify customer account which is linked to the Recharge platform.

Recharge Availability on Some Instances Only

The Recharge integration is **available on some instances only**. This means that some single-tenant instances and new multi-tenant instances may need manual activation of the Recharge integration by the engineering team first. This is generally requested during a new instance setup or it can be requested any time later by contacting our Live chat or your Customer Success Manager.