# Get to Know Engagement

Bloomreach Engagement provides various learning platforms to understand its functionality. Starting off, we recommend our welcoming article [What is Engagement](🔗) to get a general overview of what the platform does. If you are already familiar with Google Analytics, you might appreciate our [comparison](🔗) between the two platforms.

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[Bloomreach Academy](🔗) :mortar-board:

Learn about Engagement's key functionalities with a free 60-minute [Crash Course](🔗) or become a certified user with our structured [Foundations](🔗) and [topic-specific](🔗) trainings. To sign up, follow this short [guide](🔗).

# User Guides

## Data and Assets

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## Analyses

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## Campaigns

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## Use Cases

The [Plug&Play](🔗) section encompasses our best-practice, fully-functional, ready-to-launch use cases with pre-set analytics to bring value fast with little effort.

To find a compilation of step-by-step guides on creating helpful tools in Engagement, visit the [Business use cases](🔗) segment.

# Developer guides

Engagement documentation includes comprehensive information on the technical overview; check out the [API reference](🔗) and [Developers](🔗) sections.

You might be interested in

  • How the platform [works](🔗)

  • How it [ingests and structures](🔗) data

  • [StartRight](🔗) integration process to combine Engagement with your technical ecosystem enabling you to generate value fast

  • How to [set up](🔗) the Engagement API and make your first call...

  • ...in our various [API methods](🔗)

  • [Web tracking](🔗) through [Javascript SDK](🔗), our [Mobile SDK](🔗), or [Python SDK](🔗)

# Security and privacy

Engagement holds the values of security and privacy very dear. Learn more about:

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