Introduction to Scenarios


This section will walk you through creating a scenario and explain each component and all the nodes. It will also show you how to work with the version history and scenario status.

Scenarios are a great way to connect with your customers at any point of their journey by using emails, push notifications, or webhooks.

From sending a basic email to complex automated flows with multiple targeted segments and AB testing, scenarios are easily created using drag & drop. You can also analyze the customer journey as the scenarios provide you with real-time journey orchestration.

You can watch this video to get an overview of the basic features in scenarios. Everything is covered in the textual guide too.

Why You Should Use Scenarios

By connecting with your customers, you can increase their engagement and retention, bring back lost customers, or offer highly targeted offers based on the past behavior of every customer. Scenarios also allow you to automatize your communication based on your custom conditions.

Even though scenarios are incredibly powerful when combined with analytics, they are an independent module of Bloomreach Engagement. This means you can use them even if you don't plan on fully integrating your business with Bloomreach Engagement.