With flexibility comes responsibility. Large datasets and complicated data structures can be put at risk if Bloomreach Engagement features are not used as envisaged by our Product team. Although all instances are fully secure, we created SmartSecure to provide reassurance that your project is functioning as it should be, and give you a more extensive oversight. This will help you mitigate risks such as data leakage or even loss, which are often associated with bad data practices and poor data management.


What is SmartSecure?

SmartSecure provides continuous monthly reports covering security and compliance, including documented metrics that you can share with your Security team. Each month, you will receive an assessment of any new common vulnerabilities and bad application usage practices. The report also includes recommendations on how to improve security, mitigate risks or incidents, and covers elements such as:

  • Authorization settings
  • Logs of activity where PII was accessed
  • Suspicious logins
  • Usage of GDPR features
  • Suggested usage of other features

How do we help?

Get reassurance your customer data is managed in the right way for your data needs. SmartSecure provides support for our most risk-averse clients or more intricate data structures. Gain insights into vulnerabilities caused by inappropriate usage on a monthly basis, and ensure consistent mitigation of any possible risks and threats.


  • Documented security and compliance metrics that you can share with your Security team
  • Improved use of Bloomreach Engagement Security and GDPR features for your business needs
  • Mitigation of potential GDPR or CCPA fines from data breaches
  • Increased security of customer data resulting in elevated trust and customer loyalty


For more information about SmartSecure, please, contact your CSM.