Movable Ink

Movable Ink is an engagement platform enabling you to create personalized dynamic content for your customers. It helps you generate content tailored to each customer and includes features such as the automated creation of personalized visuals that you can send through various channels, such as emails, mobile, SMS, or others. Data and events from customer profiles in Bloomreach Engagement are used to create content exactly when your customers engage with your website.

By integrating Movable Ink and Bloomreach Engagement, you can combine the powerful features of both to create a more comprehensive customer engagement strategy. The combination of Movable Ink’s personalized visual content and Bloomreach Engagement’s insights into customer behavior can help you build even more effective campaigns that drive engagement levels and customer loyalty.

Use cases available with Movable Ink and Bloomreach Engagement

Personalized visuals within email or rich push notification at the time of opening

You can create dynamic content upon the customer opening an email - every time customers open the email, they get, e.g., new recommendations, a social feed, or other personalized content. Data from Engagement used to generate such content are Customer attributes, Predictions, and Recommendations.

Polls within an email

You can create polls in emails that the customers will engage with by clicking on specific links within such emails.

Prerequisites for the integration


It requires:

  • Movable Ink account for setting up the creative, which links to the Engagement content (e.g., emails).
  • Your Bloomreach Engagement project must have a customer identifier that does not personally identify the customer.
  • Needed modules in Engagement (based on the use case): Recommendations, Predictions.

Setting up Bloomreach Engagement integration

If you want to synchronize data between Movable Ink and Bloomreach Engagement, go to the complete guide, where you can find details of the setup.