Global URL Lists

Global URL lists allow you to create and manage your URL lists in one place and subsequently reference them in your weblayers, experiments and tags (also referred to as website personalisation features).

This feature makes deployment of website personalisation features simpler and the editing of the existing ones easier, without having to choose such lists of rules for every website personalisation feature separately (as this was the case before).

With Global URL lists you can avoid the following issues:

  • The same or similar lists of URLs are often used, which is a laborious and mundane task to do (best case scenario clients can copy/paste existing website personalisation features).
  • If you have multiple website personalisation features and want to edit these rules, you have to do it manually in each feature.
  • This limitation gets even worse, when clients want to perform an update of such lists, as they have to go through each website's personalisation feature one by one. It is frustrating when a client has to set and maintain the same lists for multiple website personalisation features and increases the likelihood for error.


Global URL lists used in campaigns work as reference and any changes made to the list are reflected in the campaigns that use them.

How to create Global URL lists

Global URL lists are created in the Project settings -> Campaigns (General) -> Global URL lists.


Here you can choose from the standard URL selector choices - Page with URL, Page URL containing or Page matching regexp.



Importing Global URL lists

We also allow importing CSV formatted data and duplicating URL lists across your projects. When importing the list, the valid format for rows is contains/exact/regex in column 1 and the url itself in column 2.

Using Global URL Lists


After creating a global URL list, you can choose the list in the Settings of the particular website personalization feature, either as Show on or Do not show on.


Managing Global URL Lists

If you try to delete a Global URL list that is used by some website personalisation feature, you will receive a message informing you that you firstly need to delete it in that feature.


However, you can edit the Global URL lists as you like even when they are used by the website personalisation features.


The limit on the number of rules in one list is set to 50.


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