Silent Hours

You can use Silent hours to temporarily pause the sending of your campaigns to the customer during times when you do not want to disturb them, such as at night or on a Sunday. If this node is entered during silent hours, the scenario will wait under their end and only then send the campaign. Silent hours can be set up for a specific time repeated daily or as Silent days which will silence the whole selected day or both options can be used together. A specific timezone can also be selected for the silent hours to be evaluated against.


Silent hours can be also set up globally in Project settings > Campaigns > General Campaigns settings. This will pre-fill a Silent hour Wait node when it would be selected in a scenario. The setting can be overridden in a specific node if needed.


Silent hours best practices

  1. Try avoid disrupting your subscribers' quiet time, like late in the evening or early mornings.
    1. It is best to avoid sending communication after 9 pm and before 8 am in the recipients' local time zone.
  2. Not adhering to the silent hours may result in higher unsubcribe rates and spam reports.