Antavo is a loyalty cloud centered around APIs. Antavo's loyalty management lets you create omnichannel customer loyalty programs that will help build your identity and connections, leading to changes in customer behavior via launching immediate omnichannel campaigns.

The loyalty program of Antavo is not focused only on transactions but provides and manages gamified, lifestyle, and paid loyalty programs on a no-code platform to further engagement with customers outside the buying cycle. You can find Bloomreach Engagement among their integration modules.

Using Bloomreach Engagement module

Integrating Antavo through Bloomreach Engagement module will allow you to sync your customer data and events in Antavo to Engagement events.

The integration will synchronize Antavo's customer data fields ('Loyalty fields') with Engagement's fields ('Remote fields'). Your data will then be exchanged between Antavo and Engagement, and Antavo events, such as Profile, Checkout, Opt-In, will also be recorded in Engagement.

Use cases available with Antavo and Bloomreach Engagement

You can find the following use cases below:

Set Up Bloomreach Engagement Module

If you want to synchronize data and events from Antavo to Bloomreach Engagement, go to our complete module guide where you can find details of the setup and explanations on how we process Antavo data.