Welcome SMS

What to Expect From This Use Case

Say hello to your customers with the 'Welcome SMS' campaign! With this easy pre-built Use Case, you can immediately send a welcoming SMS message to customers from time of consent. The campaign creates a unique opportunity to establish a relationship while the customer has your brand freshly in their mind, increasing brand recognition and loyalty. You can personalize the text or offer a discount in our customizable SMS template, further increasing the campaign's performance.



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Use Case Items

With this use case, you’ll get a:

  • Ready-to-use welcome SMS
  • Pre-defined evaluation dashboard

How to deploy the Use Case

After downloading the use case, follow these steps:

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

Verify if the data in your project meets the requirements. Follow this step-by-step setup guide in case of problems.

Step 2: Understand the Use Case Logic

Welcome flow is a welcome communication strategy aimed at customers who recently subscribed to SMS communication, serving as a warm welcome.

The Welcome SMS scenario is triggered when a customer gives their consent to receive SMS communication. Then we make sure that the customer still possesses the SMS consent, has a valid phone number and, simultaneously, hasn't received the SMS welcome campaign yet. If they meet these conditions, they receive an SMS welcoming them to your brand.



More information on this use case coming soon.