How To Meet the Requirements

It is essential to map the data using the Data Mapping functionality to run the pre-defined use cases in the Use Case Center. To access the data mapping feature, please navigate to the “Data Manager” in the “Data & Assets” menu.

Please focus solely on mapping the data identified with a red tick. A green tick signifies everything is in order.

This is the last step before accessing the use case.



A green tick means your project meets the requirements as is. A red tick shows where adjustments are needed.

What are the requirements?

The Use Case Center provides clear guidance on the specific requirements that must be set up within your project before enabling the deployment of use cases. During this phase, you will gain insight into the data configuration within the intended use case. Consistency in tracking data according to the predefined structure will optimize outcomes for your project.

Meeting the requirements

Configure the mandatory requirements within the Data Manager. Referencing the items marked with a red tick in the use case requirements, navigate to Data & Assets > Data Manager > Mapping in a new tab to implement adjustments.

Once the requirements are set up, save changes by clicking the yellow “Save Changes” button, then return to the use case tab and refresh the page. With all requirements fulfilled, proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.



If you encounter persistent issues and need assistance completing the requirements step, please contact your Business Consultant for assistance.


  • Even if you’ve set up Data Mapping correctly, you might face issues like both “Purchase (completed)” and “Purchase (returned)” being mapped to the same event. If that is the case, an error similar to this will appear:

To prevent such errors, ensure they’re mapped to different events or distinguished by status or another attribute.

  • If the Event (or Customer Property) is set as optional, proceed with the use case deployment.
  • An edge case is if your data is mapped properly, but the format for a specific Customer Property or Event needs to be corrected. Do not change the format yourself to avoid breaking Jinja in your existing campaigns.


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