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Predict the future intent of customers with the help of machine learning and predictive analytics, and determine the best action, channel, message, and time to communicate with your customers.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to know how to use our advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools

Overall topics to go through: 6
Overall estimated time: ∼60 minutes

1-3 AI Basics

Reading time: 20 minutes


Read about Predictions, the advanced AI-based analytical tool, and learn how to create them with our pre-defined templates.

1.PredictionsFind out what Predictions are and learn key terms when working with them.
2.Predictions in Bloomreach EngagementSee what benefits can Predictions bring to your business, get to know the prediction models and how to read them.
3.Predictions templatesLearn how to create and set up different types of Predictions.

4-6 AI Advanced

Reading time: 30 minutes


Learn how to optimize Predictions and read about AI-based Recommendations, the more personalized versions of Recommendations.

4.Evaluation and Testing of PredictionsEvaluate Predictions and get key data about their performance.
5.Custom predictionsLearn how to set up custom predictions.
6.β€’ AI-based Recommendations

β€’ Types of Recommendations

β€’ Recommendation Templates
Read about the differences between Rule-based and AI-based Recommendations and introduce yourself to the different use cases you are able to create with them.
7.Setting Up Recommendation TemplatesRead about relevant AI-based Recommendation models.
8.Limitations of RecommendationsRead about the limitations of AI-based recommendation models.


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