Mews is a property management system that improves operations for hospitality businesses, such as hotels and hostels. This platform enables you to manage the full customer journey, from automated marketing to customer engagement. It provides tools for managing reservations, guest services, billing, housekeeping, and analytics reporting.

Integrating with Bloomreach allows you to automatically transfer your reservation details, including historical data and customer information, from Mews into your Bloomreach project.

Use Case examples

  • Ability to base marketing communication on reservation events c
    • Cross-selling additional services like hotel breakfast or a trip
    • Promote upgrading to higher standard properties
  • Personalize marketing communication based on customer preferences, such as holiday direction and type of hotel, to better engage with customers

How to set it up

The integration can be set up within a few seconds, requiring only the Access Token and the Platform URL(without https://app).

The Mew integration exports:

  • Reservation events:
    • Historical - initial import
    • New - daily update triggered every 24 hours
  • Customer profiles with selected attributes


A project needs to have the following IDs set up to integrate with Mews correctly:

  • email_id - Hard ID, lowercase, trim; email address is the primary identifier for customers in Bloomreach Engagement
  • mews_id - Hard ID - Customer ID

Setup in a nutshell

  1. Go to your Bloomreach Engagement account > Data & Assets > Integrations > and search for Mews.
  2. Type your Mews Platform URL into the field.
    1. For example, if the URL you use for logging in to Mews is, then insert only the part of the URL.
  3. Provide the Access token, which you can find in Mews Marketplace. Inside your Mews account, go to Marketplace > search for Bloomreach > click Explore button > Connect integration > under My subscription tab click 'Edit' next to the Bloomreach integration > click on the key icon in the right upper corner > copy the token and paste inside the Access Token field.
  4. Define how to display Mews identifiers like email_id and mews_id and attributes inside the Bloomreach project.
  5. Save the integration once all the steps above are done. Woohoo, the integration is successfully created.



Limited feature availability in some instances

Some single-tenant instances and new multi-tenant instances may need the engineering team's manual activation of Mews integration first. This would be generally requested during a new instance setup or you can request it any time later by contacting our Live Chat or your Customer Success Manager.

  • Bloomreach doesn't delete customers from the Mews platform. You need to do it manually.
  • The initial import tracks updates and cancellations, but the daily updates don't track them in Bloomreach Engagement.
  • Creating multiple Mews integrations under one project is not recommended.