Firebase Webhooks

As Google is set to deprecate and remove the FCM legacy API by June 2024, Bloomreach Engagement users relying on the legacy API for sending push notifications via Webhooks will face service disruptions.

To enable the continued transmission of Push Notifications through Webhooks in Bloomreach Engagement following Google's removal of the original endpoint, you must undertake the following actions:

  • Implement a new Firebase authentication integration within the Webhook nodes.
  • Transition to the updated Firebase API endpoint.
  • Modify the payload accordingly.

The updated authentication mechanism will rely on Private Keys acquired through Service Accounts on Google Cloud. This methodology mirrors the standard approach utilized in Push Notification nodes integrated with Firebase.

Migration Steps

To ensure continued functionality for sending Push Notifications via Webhooks within Bloomreach Engagement after the original endpoint removal by Google, you need to undertake the following steps:

1. Authentication Integration Upgrade

  • Action: Utilize a new Firebase authentication integration in the Webhook nodes.
  • Procedure:
    • Generate service account JSON in Firebase project settings.
  • Incorporate the new authentication integration by importing the generated service account JSON private key.
  • Once configured, the new Firebase authentication integration becomes accessible within the webhook node through the authentication integration options.

2. API Endpoint Transition

3.Payload Modification:

  • Action: Adjust the payload to align with the HTTP v1 Firebase API.
  • Procedure:
    • Update the webhook payload to reflect the changes in the Firebase API:
      • Nest all payload data under the message field instead of directly in the root.
      • Replace the registration_id field with a token field, accommodating a single recipient token.
      • Ensure all values within the data field are in string format.
      • Relocate fields such as priority, time_to_live, and others under the android field.

Detailed Setup Instructions

Refer to the migration guide for detailed setup instructions, including specific configurations and examples.


  • The deadline from Google for the old API endpoint cessation is June 2024.
  • You may need to adjust your push notifications handling on the mobile application side based on the changes in the webhook payload structure.