Email Providers

At Bloomreach Engagement, we offer several native integrations with email service providers. You can choose between them and connect your account, or use Bloomreach Engagement enterprise accounts. In all cases, our Deliverability experts will recommend a provider based on your needs, sending practices, and most importantly, geographical location.

There are only minor differences in the data that you get from the different providers, and we aim to provide the same. You can find detailed information on the data in the Email tracking and bounce management article.

The following is a list of supported email service providers.


ESP operating globally, with high throughputs and extra services such as email address validation. Mailgun offers separate US and EU infrastructure. Read more about Mailgun integration.


Similar to Mailgun, they operate globally, but they are certified with Certified Senders Alliance, which means that they perform very well in DACH region. They have EU infrastructure. Read more about Sendinblue integration.


EmailLabs is a service provider that focuses mainly on Poland, with fine-tuned performance in this region. Read more about Emaillabs integration.


Provider Sendsay focuses on CIS region. Read more about SendSay integration.


Provider UniOne focuses on CIS region.


Email providers that report complained emails

While this is not an exhaustive list, below are some email providers that report individual spam complaints:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Verizon/AOL/Yahoo
  8. UPCmail

The major providers iCloud (Apple) and Gmail do not send such reports.