Custom Tags

Managing a large number of scenarios or reports can be a challenging task. Over the years, and with more and more new users, the number of assets grows. We want to provide you with an easier way to find what you are looking for quickly. One of the answers for this issue is tags.

What Are Custom Tags

We introduce a new tag management screen on a project level where you can manage tags from one place.
It is possible to:

  1. Rename tag: rename the tag in all definitions.
  2. Change tag color: for a better visibility, tags can have different colors (e.g. special color for Email or SMS campaigns).
  3. Merge tags: merge several tags into one. This will be updated across applications.
  4. Filter tags better.
  5. Inform about the number of assets with specific tags.
  6. Create tags in a new and improved way.
  7. Better manage adding, editing and removing tags from definitions.



  • Only the project admin can manage tags on the project level.
  • Only the project admin can define the tags' color.
  • Separate filter for tags - the search field cannot find tags.
  • You always see a whole list of tags in a given project.

Rename or Change Color of a Tag

Click edit on the tag that you want to rename. In the modal choose a new name or color.

Merge Tags

If you made typos when creating tags in the past, it could be challenging to fix them in all places later. We added functionality where you can select 2 or more tags and merge them as one tag. This change will be applied to all definitions.

Choose tags that you want to merge. Choose the action Merge tags button.

Set a new name and color for tags in the modal.

Filter Tags

When you click on a tag filter, an alphabetically ordered list of all tags is shown. The same list is shown everywhere in the application. You no longer see only a small subset of tags from the project. This should be helpful to keep all parts of the application in sync.

Create New Tags

If you want to add a new tag that doesn’t exist, you simply write a name. The application will inform you that this tag doesn’t exist. You can create a new one by clicking on Create new tag.

You can also create new tags from the Custom Tag Management screen. It is possible to create several tags in bulk.

In a modal, you can create another tag.

Add, Edit and Remove Tags from Definitions.

Bulk tags actions

You can manage tags on multiple definitions at once by using Bulk action.

  1. Attach tags - will add a new tag to all selected definitions.
  2. Remove tags - will remove all tags from selected definitions.

You can also edit tags only for selected definitions.