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Explore Bloomreach Engagement tools to create tailored commerce experiences across all digital touchpoints.

Get to Know Engagement

Bloomreach Engagement provides various learning platforms to understand its functionality. Starting off, we recommend our welcoming article What is Engagement to get a general overview of what the platform does. If you are already familiar with Google Analytics, you might appreciate our comparison between the two platforms.


Bloomreach Academy

Learn about Engagement's key functionalities with a free 60-minute Crash Course or become a certified user with our structured Foundations and topic-specific trainings. To sign up, follow this short guide.

User Guides

Data and Assets



Use Cases

The Plug&Play section encompasses our best-practice, fully-functional, ready-to-launch use cases with pre-set analytics to bring value fast with little effort.

To find a compilation of step-by-step guides on creating helpful tools in Engagement, visit the Business use cases segment.

Developer guides

Engagement documentation includes comprehensive information on the technical overview; check out the API reference and Developers sections.

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Security and privacy

Engagement holds the values of security and privacy very dear. Learn more about: