Swym is a shopper engagement platform for e-commerce merchants. Bloomreach Engagement can integrate with both the Back in Stock Alerts and Wishlist Plus apps to create personalized automation.

Pass on back-in-stock subscriptions, wishlist actions, and other event triggers from your Swym apps to create automated workflows and marketing campaigns directly in the Bloomreach Engagement dashboard.

Scope of Integration

Depending on which Swym app (or apps) you have installed, you can share the following event triggers with Bloomreach Engagement:

Swym Wishlist Plus Events

  • AddToWishlist Event: Shopper adds a product to their wishlist.
  • RemoveWishlist Event: Shopper removes a product from their wishlist.
  • ShareWishlist Event: Shopper shares their wishlist.
  • AuthEmail Event: Shopper logs in to their wishlist and validates their email ID.
  • WishlistReminder Event: Use to send a reminder about their wishlist.
  • Backinstock Event: Use to send an alert when a product on their wishlist is restocked.
  • Pricedrop Event: Use to send an alert when a product on their wishlist has a price drop.
  • Lowstock Event: Use to send an alert when a product on their wishlist has low stock remaining.

Swym Back in Stock Alerts Events

  • RemindMe or BackInStock Subscription Event: Shopper signs up or subscribes to be notified when a product is back in stock.
  • Backinstock Event: Use to send alerts when a product a shopper requested a back-in-stock alert for is restocked.
  • BackinstockReminder: Use to send a reminder alert when a product a shopper requested a back-in-stock alert for is restocked (Note: This is a follow-up to the original BackInStock Event alert, usually sent after 24 hours after the first but can be configured to your needs).

Set up Swym

Enabling the integration requires sharing some details about your Bloomreach Engagement account with the Swym support team.

To get started, send Swym Support an email at [email protected]. Be sure to include the following details:

  • Bloomreach Engagement API endpoint: For the integration to function properly, Swym needs the Add Event API endpoint that uses the POST HTTP method.
    • Your webhook endpoint should look similar to this: https://api.uk.exponea.com/track/v2/projects/sample-a53b-11ec-b78f-sample/customers/events
    • You will find the Project Token and the API Base URL used to construct this URL in your Project Settings > Access Management > API
  • Bloomreach Engagement authorization token: Swym needs your authorization token to enable the seamless flow of information between the Swym platform and Bloomreach Engagement.


    Data only flows in one direction – from Swym to Bloomreach Engagement. Swym doesn’t receive data from your Bloomreach Engagement account.

    • Follow this guide to generate your authorization token - using the new Public API Group you create, called Swym, that has the permissions to Set New Events. The generated token will look something like this:
  • List of events: Choose the events from the list above that you will want to use to create automation in Bloomreach Engagement. Remember, you can only choose events from the Swym apps you have installed.

Once you share these details, the Swym support team will enable the integration from the backend. After the integration is enabled, you can use Bloomreach Engagement to set up personalized and targeted email campaigns or create relevant customer segments based on the chosen events!

For more information please refer to this website.