Full configuration reference for the Android SDK

This page provides an overview of all configuration parameters for the SDK. You can either configure the SDK in code using an ExponeaConfiguration object or in a file called exponea_configuration.json inside the assets folder of your application.


Refer to Initialize the SDK for instructions.

Configuration parameters

  • projectToken (required)

    • Your project token. You can find this in the Engagement web app under Project settings > Access management > API.
  • authorization (required)

  • baseURL

    • Your API base URL which can be found in the Engagement web app under Project settings > Access management > API.
    • Default value
    • If you have custom base URL, you must set this property.
  • projectRouteMap

    • If you need to track events into more than one project, you can define project information for "event types" which should be tracked multiple times.
      var projectRouteMap = mapOf<EventType, List<ExponeaProject>> (
          EventType.TRACK_CUSTOMER to listOf(
                  "Token YOUR_API_KEY"
  • defaultProperties

    • A list of properties to be added to all tracking events.
    • Default value: nil
  • allowDefaultCustomerProperties

    • Flag to apply defaultProperties list to identifyCustomer tracking event
    • Default value: true
  • automaticSessionTracking

    • Flag to control the automatic tracking of session_start and session_end events.
    • Default value: true
  • sessionTimeout

    • The session is the actual time spent in the app. It starts when the app is launched and ends when the app goes into the background.
    • This value is used to calculate the session timing.
    • Default value: 20 seconds.
    • Read more about Tracking Sessions
  • automaticPushNotification

    • Controls if the SDK will handle push notifications automatically.
    • Default value: true
  • pushIcon

  • pushAccentColor

  • pushChannelName

  • pushChannelDescription

  • pushChannelId

  • pushNotificationImportance

  • tokenTrackFrequency

    • Indicates the frequency with which the SDK should track the push notification token to Engagement.
    • Default value: ON_TOKEN_CHANGE
    • Possible values:
      • ON_TOKEN_CHANGE - tracks push token if it differs from a previously tracked one
      • EVERY_LAUNCH - always tracks push token
      • DAILY - tracks push token once per day
  • maxTries

    • Controls how many times the SDK should attempt to flush an event before aborting. Useful for example in case the API is down or some other temporary error happens.
    • The SDK will consider the data to be flushed if this number is exceeded and delete the data from the queue.
    • Default value: 10
  • advancedAuthEnabled

  • inAppContentBlocksPlaceholders

  • allowWebViewCookies

    • Flag to enable or disable cookies in WebViews.
    • Default value: false
    • ❗️


      • For security purposes, cookies are by default disabled in WebViews.
      • This setting has effect on all WebViews in the application, NOT ONLY the ones used by the SDK.
      • DO NOT CHANGE THIS SETTING unless you know the risks associated with enabling and storing cookies.
      • By changing this setting and enabling cookies in WebViews you take full responsibility for any security vulnerabilities or incidents caused by them.