Enrich your marketing strategy with subscription, and loyalty-based customer data to double the engagement rates of your customers. Using Yotpo Loyalty integration will help you **enhance the overall value** your current or prospective subscription customers bring throughout their engagement with you.

Yotpo Loyalty integration provides you with the possibility to analyze **customer loyalty** and execute **omnichannel marketing campaigns**. You can also use Bloomreach Engagement's AI-driven capabilities on your Yotpo data in real time.

Apart from the main capabilities when integrating Engagement and Yotpo, the integration helps you make the process of **sending email campaigns**, **push notifications**, **creating experiments**, or just **analyzing your loyalty data**, much easier and more efficient.

# How the Integration Works

Yotpo Loyalty is a one-direction integration, that sends data from Yotpo Loyalty to Bloomreach Engagement. Data is synced in real time and events are present in Bloomreach Engagement as `loyalty_` events.

## Customer Attributes

When **syncing your data from Yotpo**, these customer attributes are tracked in Yotpo Loyalty:

Yotpo Customer AttributesDescription
yotpo_loyalty_points_balanceNumber of points
yotpo_loyalty_tierLoyalty tier
yotpo_points_expire_atPoints expiration date

## Events Tracked

When **syncing your data from Yotpo**, these events are tracked in Bloomreach Engagement:

Event name in Bloomreach EngagementYotpo Trigger
loyalty_couponCoupon Earned (Awarded), Coupon Earned (Redeemed), Custom Reward Redeemed
loyalty_birthdayCustomer Birthday
loyalty_anniversaryCustomer Anniversary
loyalty_pointsPoints changed, Points earned, Points Reminder
loyalty_tierVIP tier earned, VIP tier lost
loyalty_referralReferral Link Share, Referral Share Reminder, Referral Product Share Link, Referral Product Share Reminder, Referral Completed
consentLoyalty Opt-In / -Out

# Setup in a Nutshell

## 1. Add New Integration

To integrate with Yotpo Loyalty go to `Data and Assets > Integrations > Add new integration > Yotpo Loyalty`.

## 2. Authenticate the Integration

To authenticate with Yotpo Loyalty select **Customer ID **mapping, to decide which customer ID should be used for identifying events coming from Yotpo based on:

  • Email

  • External Customer ID (optional)

## 3. Decide Which Data You Want To Track

You can decide which **customer properties** from Yotpo you would like to keep receiving and **under which customer attribute** should it be tracked in Bloomreach Engagement.

  • Points balance

  • Loyalty tier

  • Expire at

## 4. Decide To Track Consents

You can decide if you want to **track Yotpo Loyalty consents** inside Bloomreach and **under which consent category**.

## 5. Save the Integration and Create a Webhook

Once all the steps are done, click the `Save integration` button and see the **automatically generated Webhook URL**.

**Copy and paste** the **Webhook URL** inside the [General Settings inside your Yotpo Loyalty account](🔗).

## 6. Additional Security

For additional security, it is recommended to **create a password** inside the **Webhook Authentication** field inside the Yotpo Loyalty account.

## 7. Finish the Integration Setup

Once you are done, **save your configuration inside Yotpo** and come back to your integration window inside Bloomreach.

Provide **Webhook Authentication** inside Bloomreach by using **exactly the same password** that has been used in Yotpo and **save your configuration inside Bloomreach**.

Now, once a new loyalty event is triggered by Yotpo Loyalty you should automatically see it inside Bloomreach.

# Use Cases

Yotpo Loyalty integration helps you configure many use cases, a few of them listed here:

  • Segment customers based on their loyalty data.

  • Personalize communications by injecting customer-level loyalty data.

  • Trigger loyalty messages based on loyalty events such as VIP tier achieved, and points.

  • Display loyalty data about customers to hyper-personalize their experience and drive action (only x points away from next tier & benefit, etc.).

# Limitations

Yotpo Loyalty Availability on Some Instances Only

The Yotpo Loyalty integration is **available on some instances only. **This means that some single-tenant instances and new multi-tenant instances may need manual activation of the Yotpo Loyalty integration by the engineering team first. This is generally requested during a new instance setup or can be requested any time later by contacting our Live chat or your Customer Success Manager.