Ad Optimization Package


Reduce CAC on ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Snapchat with better visibility into historical and predicted user behavior.

Who is this for?

  • Acquisition Marketers
  • Performance Marketers
  • Heads of Marketing


Real-time Granular SegmentationDisplay SMS Sign-up units to granular customer audiences active in real-time.
Facebook/Instagram AdsBoost your business with Facebook/Instagram Ads by targeting lookalike customers or re-engaging past visitors who haven't browsed your website recently.
Google AdsDisplay tailored Google ads to users who previously visited your online store, now browsing elsewhere. Strengthen customer connections with personalized messages designed to re-engage and captivate their attention.
Snapchat AdsEnhance your reach with Snapchat Ads, targeting customers who have previously interacted with your business. Optimize your marketing campaigns with automated tactics and continuously refreshed customer lists tailored to their activity.
Adform AdsElevate your marketing with Adform Ads, leveraging Bloomreach Engagement data for targeted audiences and unified messaging across email, SMS, and Adform channels, driving precise, data-driven remarketing campaigns.
Facebook Leads AdsDrive lead generation campaigns with Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads, enabling potential customers to express interest in your product by filling out a customizable form within the ad. Advanced segmentation, personalized outreach capabilities, and enriched customer data improve omnichannel personalization.
Facebook Conversions APIElevate your Facebook Ads campaigns by directly sending key events such as purchases and leads to Facebook.
Server-side Tracking (Server-side anonymous user ID management)Future-proof your web tracking with our server-side anonymous user ID management solutions, designed to mitigate browser tracking limitations, sustain data quality, and maintain single customer view while respecting end customer privacy.
Real-time Analytics & Data ExplorationManage your data and gather useful insights into your customer behavior with the Bloomreach Engagement Analyses tools.
Pre-built Predictions (purchase, churn, best channel, etc.)Maximize conversions with our Pre-built Predictions, targeting customers with the highest probability of making a purchase, proactively identifying churn risks to retain customers, and predicting in-session behavior for real-time targeting.
Custom Prediction ModelsTailor your predictions to gain accurate insights into customer goals, optimal segment targeting, and numerical attribute values, empowering you to develop effective strategies for success that align with your unique business needs.


The Ad Optimization package also includes add-ons:

Security UpgradeManage access of internal users through centralized identity management with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method.
Big QueryFlexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure to house your data in an Engagement-like structure, frequent data updates ensure that your data is always available on demand for custom analytics using your own BI tools.
ExportsExport raw (CSV or JSON) data from Bloomreach Engagement in a custom-defined structure to any file storage via any of the existing file storage integrations (SFTP), (Google Cloud Storage) or Azure Storage.
Mobile App Add-onInclude mobile strategy as a significant part of your marketing strategy as an additional channel providing a competitive edge by sending engaging, personalized push notifications to your customers with the help of:
Personalized Mobile Push
Customizable In-app Messages + Templates
Testing & Live Preview
Visual and HTML Editor
Silent Push Notifications
A/B Testing
APP Inbox


Please bear in mind that an AI Upgrade is not applicable since Predictions are already included.

Customer Data Engine

This package is further powered by a Customer Data Engine. Learn about the features included in the Customer Data Engine here.