Email Marketing Package


Personalized email marketing that puts the customer first, from sign-up to repeat purchase, so you send fewer emails to make more money.

Who is this for?

  • Email Marketers


Personalized EmailsCreate tailored messages based on customers' specific data and communicate with your audience on an individual level to send relevant email campaigns to your targeted audience.
Email Sign-up Units (Weblayers)Accelerate the growth of your email subscriber list by capturing customer data across devices on desktop or mobile.
Real-time Granular SegmentationTarget your customers strategically by dividing them into smaller groups based on a shared characteristic.
Drag & Drop Email BuilderBuild your email templates without any advanced coding know-how using the Visual Builder's simple drag-and-drop workflow.
HTML EditorCreate stunning web pages with ease using an HTML editor, the ultimate tool for designing, editing, and publishing your website code.
Email TemplatesCreate a template from scratch or start off with a predefined template from an up-to-date curated library.
AI Content Generator (ChatGPT)Create excellent marketing copywriting content directly in the campaign editor.
1:1 Optimal Email Send TimePersonalize the send time and improve the open or click rates of your campaigns based on customers' past behavior.
Dynamic Content BlocksSave time and streamline your website creation process with HTML blocks, pre-designed snippets of code that can be easily inserted into your site or email for a polished and professional look.
Email Testing & Inbox PreviewEnsure your email campaigns are optimized for success with email testing, a powerful method to identify and fix potential issues before sending to your subscribers.
A/B Testing With Automatic Winner DistributionTest a smaller sample group and then send the winning variant to the rest of the customers automatically.
IP Warm-up & Deliverability SupportAchieve better email deliverability with our bulletproof tips and avoid being marked as spam with IP warm-up, a proven method to gradually increase email sending volume and establish a positive reputation with email service providers.
Smart Frequency PolicyMaximize the impact of your email campaigns while respecting your subscribers' preferences with a frequency policy, a set of guidelines making sure your emails do not overwhelm your audience.
Analytics & Campaign Performance DashboardsGain valuable insights with analytics tools, allowing you to track important metrics and make data-driven decisions to optimize the user experience and achieve your business goals.
Campaign CalendarStay organized and on track with your marketing efforts - coordinate your campaigns across multiple channels to convey a consistent and effective message to your audience.
Heat MapsVisualize user behavior and identify opportunities to optimize your website by tracking clicks, scrolls, and other interactions.

The Email Marketing package also includes add-ons:

Transactional EmailDeliver timely and personalized communications with your customers and increase engagement with a powerful tool that automatically sends order confirmations, shipping updates, and other relevant information.
AI UpgradeProvide truly personalized and relevant content to your customers at every step of their journey with:
Contextual Personalization for Scenarios (coming soon)
AI-based Product Recommendations
Pre-built Predictions
Custom Prediction Models
Security UpgradeManage access of internal users through centralized identity management with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method.
Mobile App Add-onBoost your email marketing efforts - deliver personalized and targeted messages to your customers and guide them to take action directly within your app with the help of:
Personalized Mobile Push
Customizable In-app Messages + Templates
Testing & Live Preview
Visual and HTML Editor
Silent Push Notifications
A/B Testing
APP Inbox
Big QueryFlexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure to house your data in an Engagement-like structure, frequent data updates ensure that your data is always available on demand for custom analytics using your own BI tools.
ExportsExport raw (CSV or JSON) data from Bloomreach Engagement in a custom-defined structure to any file storage via any of the existing file storage integrations (SFTP), (Google Cloud Storage) or Azure Storage.

Customer Data Engine

This package is further powered by a Customer Data Engine. Learn about the features included in the Customer Data Engine here.