Transactional SMS

/sms/v1/projects/{projectToken}/sync This method allows you to trigger Transactional SMS from our API and send them through Bloomreach Engagement. The transactional SMS API is disabled by default. To configure this API in your project, please contact your Customer Success Manager. We will set up the SMS API for you based on your needs.


Incorrect code displays

Note that some language versions incorrectly display "params": { \"first_name\": \"Marian\" }instead of"params": { "first_name":"Marian" }.



In this API call you must use the following authorization access and permissions:

Available access typePermissions needed
Private accessCampaigns > Transactional SMS API

Read more about:

Path parameters

projectTokenstringThe ID of your project.Required

Body parameters

contentobjectDefine the content of the SMS. This can be either by using an existing Bloomreach Engagement SMS template, or through raw text. Learn more below.Required
campaign_namestringThe name of the SMS campaign.Required
recipientobjectDefine the recipient of the SMS message.Required
settingsobjectJSON object containing currently supported SMS template settings. Settings defined as part of the payload will override any settings pre-configured within a used template.Optional


transfer_identity default behavior

The default behavior is enabled, which is all clicks identification. However, it's important to note that this does not necessarily match the default configuration in the project/SMS template, which might normally be first click identification. This is true only when you use our link shortener.

Content object parameters

There are two ways in which you can define the content of your SMS through this API method:

  1. Using Bloomreach Engagement template: Create an SMS template in Bloomreach Engagement and then send it through API.
  2. Through raw SMS: Define the message in your request.

The definition of the content object will differ based on which way you want to specify the content. Please, find the description of the object parameters for both of the outlined ways below.

(1) Using Bloomreach Engagement template

template_idstringThe ID of the SMS template that you wish to send out. This can be found in the URL when you go to the selected predefined template.Required
paramsobjectProvide all the required data for email personalization used in the template. Format: "param_name":"value".

For example:

(2) Using raw message

messagestringDefine the content of the SMS.Required
senderstringPhone number of a sender.Required
max_message_partsintThe maximum allowed number of message parts. If exceeded, the SMS will not be sent. Minimum value: 1, Maximum value: 8, Default value: 8No

Recipient object parameters

phonestringSpecify the phone number of the customer. If the phone number is not provided, it will be taken out from the customer profile in Bloomreach Engagement based on the customer ID.Optional
customer_idsstringSpecify the customer that should receive your SMS.

You can use any type of a customer ID. Common example would include registered.
languagestringLanguage version of your template. If the template has several language versions created, you can choose which one to use for this SMS.Optional
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