Catalog item - Partial update

/data/v2/projects/{projectToken}/catalogs/{catalogId}/items/{itemId}/partial-updateUpdates specified properties of a catalog item. Use when you want to change some of the properties of an item in an existing catalog in your project. The Catalog item - Partial update route compared to the Update a catalog item only updates the specified properties of the item. If a property of an item isn´t specified in the request, this property remains unchanged.



In this API call you must use the following authorization access and permissions:

Available access typePermissions needed
Private accessCatalogs > Partial update catalog item

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Path parameters

projectTokenstringThe ID of your project.Required
catalogIdstringThe ID of the desired existing catalog.Required
itemIdstringThe ID of the desired item within an existing catalog.

Note that due to the way the endpoint is decomposed, edits using API will only work with itemIds NOT containing /.

Body Parameters

propertiesobjectSpecify the item's properties in the catalog's fields. These need to be in the catalog definition and a value:key format, such as:

"properties": { "name": "iMac", "manufacturer": "Apple", ... }

Note that it is not possible to create new fields this way.
upsertstring (bool??)?? Default = False

Note that if you keep this value unchanged while specifying a non-existent itemId, a new catalog item will NOT be created.


Properties format

The keys in the value:key format need to be of the correct type defined by the value. The key in any of the properties also cannot contain NUL, a dot (.), a dollar sign ($), or be empty.

If one of these two conditions isn’t met, it will result in a catalog schema validation error.

Furthermore, only existing fields can be updated; new fields cannot be created with this request.


Date field format

Catalog fields with Date data-type only accepts UNIX timestamps via API.

authorizationstringUsed for authentication. Read more in the Authentication section.Required


Asynchronous endpoint

Note that this endpoint is Asynchronous, which means that success response means only that the request is queued to be processed later, not that the item was successfully updated.

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