Get a catalog item


Query catalog for a single catalog item. You can provide query, sort order, and paging parameters.

Use when you want to retrieve one item from an existing catalog by its ID.



In this API call you must use the following authorization access and permissions:

Available access typePermissions needed
Private accessCatalogs -> Get catalog item

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Path parameters

projectTokenstringThe ID of your project.Required
catalogIdstringThe ID of the desired existing catalog.Required
itemIdstringThe ID of the desired item in the specified catalog.Required

Query Parameters

queryQuery string to match the desired catalog's item properties and item_id.?query=AppleNo
fieldFurther refine your query. If used, the query will be matched only against the specified field.

Works only with indexed catalog columns.
countHow many items should be returned. Default value 20.?count=50No
skipHow many items should be skipped. Default value 0.

Count + skip shouldn't be > 1001, otherwise status code 400 will be returned.
orderBy which column and how should be the result ordered.

column_name, desc/asc

You can add a secondary, tertiary, ..., column in the same format.


authorizationstringUsed for authentication. Read more in the Authentication section.Required

Response description

dataarray of objectsList of objects representing the individual retrieved rows.
limitnumberNumber of items retrieved in this pagination page.
matchednumberNumber of items matching the search query.
matched_limitedbooleanValue is always false.

(Deprecated: If true there were too many items that matched the query, therefore the number of matched items provided above is the lower bound, not the exact number.)
skipnumberNumber of skipped records in this pagination.
totalnumberTotal number of items in this catalog.
successbooleanResult status. If false, there is errors object with description.

Data object description

catalog_idstringCatalog unique identifier
item_idstringItem unique identifier
propertiesobjectActual item fields and values.


You can retrieve only 1001 items using paging. When using count and skip query parameters, count + skip should not be greater than 1001, otherwise, the 404 status code will be returned.

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