What is Exponea API?

Exponea API allows web tracking and enables other systems to access the platform and manipulate the system and its data.

Any remote system can call the Exponea API by an HTTP method. It must provide an authentication key to access the API. Then, based on the permissions granted by the project administrator, different sets of features are available.

Requests can be processed immediately or put into a queue. Reads are usually immediately evaluated, while writes are queued for later.

What can you use the API for?

Exponea API enables tracking from websites and other sources.

This enables, for example, real-time event web-tracking from Javascript, real-time event backend tracking of sensitive or authoritative information, retrieving calculated daily reports for 3rd party systems, triggering imports when data is ready after a long-running job in your DWH, and much more.

To better address your GDPR needs, we also added GDPR features to anonymize and export customers. We offer methods to manipulate catalogs, imports, and emails and to retrieve Bloomreach Engagement calculated customer properties (including recommendations) and analyses.


API is not meant for big volume imports or exports of data

Programmatically tracking a high volume of data, such as pushing historical purchase data, violates our fair use policy. Use Imports for this purpose

Programmatically retrieving customer data (e.g. all events of all customers) is also considered abuse. For this purpose, use Data Exports or Exponea BigQuery.