Export all customers


Retrieve all customers, who exist in the project.



In this API call you must use the following authorization access and permissions:

Available access typePermission needed
Private accessGDPR > Export customers

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Path parameters

projectTokenstringThe ID of your project.Required

Body parameters

attributesobjectAttributes that should be exported. If not specified, all properties and identifiers are exported.No
filterobjectFilter customers who should be exported. If not specified, all customers will be exported.No
execution_timeint32The timestamp that should the customer filter and attributes be evaluated on. Default is current time.No
timezonestringWhich timezone should the customer filter and attributes be evaluated on. Default is UTC. If you want to export results in a different time zone that is not UTC, specify a string in the time zone database in the following format ('Continent/City'). For example, 'Africa/Lagos'.No
formatstringOutput format.

csv - CSV table with header explaining which column corresponds to which attribute, in case of some attributes, the order is the same as specified in the list array. In other cases the first are ids, then properties and last the rest of attributes

table_json - Similar to CSV format, but with data represented in JSON.

Attributes object parameters

typestringsome = only specified attributes in the request
properties_and_ids = all properties and identifiers (default)
listarray of objectsDefine attributes, that you want to export. Only available when type: some is used.Required if some is used as attributes.type.

Additional example of the attributes

"attributes": {
        "type": "some",
        "list": [
                "type": "id",
                "id": "registered"
                "type": "id",
                "id": "cookie"

Filter object parameters

typestringsegment = customers from a segment
all = all customers (default)
segmentation_idstringID of segmentation that should be applied for filtering customers.
segment_indexint32Index of segment from the segmentation. Only customers from this segment will be exported. Indexed from 0. Customers that don't match any of the segments belongs to segment_index -1.


Attributes - id, property, type

When operating with event attributes id, property and type, correct request definition needs to use attribute.list.id, attribute.list.property and attribute.list.type


authorizationstringUsed for authentication. Read more in the Authentication section.Required


For some use cases, it's better to use the Data Exports Bloomreach Engagement feature, since the API does not support date filtering (note that Exports are a paid feature).

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