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The API enables vendors, plugins, and enterprise clients to manage Imports externally by API. It adds the option to automate data flow by service instead of a manual user process. Utilizing the API can significantly shorten the time to import, which is useful for external plugins.

You may make use of Management API for Imports by:

  • Copying import definitions from one project to another.
  • Deploying the same import to multiple projects by a script.

Management API for Imports exposes API methods to list, read, create, and delete import definitions. Delete operation deletes existing import definition.


In this API call you must use the following authorization access and permissions:

Available access typePermissions needed
Private accessImports > Allow to Delete existing imports

Admin must first create Private access keys and grant permissions. Then the service can call the API and perform the operation.

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Path parameters

import_idstringThe ID of your import.Required
projectTokenstringThe ID of your project.Required



  • Update API method is not implemented.
  • You cannot create an import for Vouchers.
  • You cannot create import of other types (e.g. from Input/Uploaded file, from Database by query, from the application).
  • Managing import definitions created by Users is done in the app (not via API).

API rate limits:

  • The joint number of requests for operations 'List', 'Read', and 'Delete' cannot exceed 100 requests per minute.
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