Step 3: What's next?

Discover further learning resources.

1. Upgrade your knowledge with Bloomreach Academy

Learn how to use the Engagement tool to its fullest potential with the Academy's rich portfolio of courses.
Each course is built with:

  • multimedia approach with quizzes, and practical assignments
  • demo environment to assure effective learning
  • live Q&A sessions with our industry experts


Free Best Practices sessions

Join us for 1-hour live sessions organized on a monthly basis, where the Engagement experts show the best practices to follow when working with different parts of the Engagement tool.

2. Learn about Plug & Play Use Cases

Plug & Play is a collection of fully-functional ready-to-launch Use Cases with pre-set analytics, that were developed by Bloomreach e-commerce experts. Read more about P&P on our website.


3. Stay on track with the new releases and announcements

Follow details about changes in the product or new features coming with each new release, and get notifications about upcoming updates and recommendations from the Bloomreach team.

4. Solve the frequently occurring issues

The Help Center is aimed to help you self-service minor product issues before raising a ticket to Engagement support. It features How-To articles and FAQs to help you solve frequently occurring issues yourselves.

Do you need to reach out to our Support team? Read this article to find out more.

5. Get even more inspired

  • Learn what value Engagement delivers by reading Bloomreach Blogs, a one-stop shop for educational articles, product news, and tips to fuel your marketing and commerce experience
  • Read Case Studies to see what value Bloomreach Engagement delivers to companies
  • See Webinars, where we have also launched the Commerce Experience Show to learn about trends impacting your customers and discover how you can create genuinely impactful customer journeys with Bloomreach
  • Listen to Podcasts featuring discussions with commerce experts and thought-leaders from around the world
  • Read the latest news about Bloomreach and analyst Reports for insights into the industry

What´s next?

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