What is Documentation?

Our Bloomreach Engagement Documentation page is a centralized source of information about the Engagement Product in one place. Here, you can find an overview of how our product works, an explanation of core features, and step-by-step guides. Apart from them, you can look up different content such as Security and Privacy, Business Use Cases, tips and tricks. If you are a developer, dive into our API Reference and developer articles to find all key information you need.

Learning path through the documentation for beginners

We offer courses ranging from providing the general fundamental knowledge of the platform to more advanced and complex usage based on your specialization. As well as industry-specific training on topics such as GDRP, Customer Experience, Email Marketing, etc.

To assure effective learning our courses are build with the multimedia approach, consisting of on-demand bite-size videos, quizzes, practical assignments, demo environment. All supported by live instructor-led and Q&A sessions with our industry experts working with clients on a daily basis providing you with the latest use cases and erasing confusion.

Recommended to start with

Don't know where to start? Here is a recommended learning path to start learning about Bloomreach Engagement through our documentation.

  1. Introduction - getting to know the app
  2. Campaigns and Analyses to ensure hands-on experience
  3. Guides to get you started
  4. Tutorials & Use Cases