Getting started

There are some essential steps you need to take in order to prepare for sending emails using Bloomreach Engagement. Read through our documentation below to get started.

Onboarding and warm-up

Email onboarding and warm-up is a process required by most of the major inbox service providers and will be the first step in setting up emailing in Bloomreach Engagement. With the correct approach however, it does not have to be difficult, and Bloomreach Engagement has the tools to help you.

Email service providers

One of the first steps is choosing an email provider. Bloomreach Engagement partnered with multiple email service providers, to make sure we can deliver great results on various markets. In most of the cases, our deliverability experts recommend a provider for you based on your requirements, but in case you wanted to understand if using multiple providers might be helpful, please read the Email Providers article.

Onboarding and integration process

Our usual onboarding involves expert advice on how to approach it, how to avoid common pitfalls, and make sure you succeed. A great place to start to understand our onboarding, is our article on Email Integration Process. It will guide you through both the technical and the business requirements and actions.

Email list validation

One of the critical inputs in the warm-up is your list and audience. There are often many inactive or invalid addresses, which can hurt your reputation and not bring any business value as they no longer engage with your brand. We can recommend a service from our partner Mailgun, which identifies invalid addresses, and evaluates the risk of the valid ones. Have a look at how to set up the Email List Validation.

Consent management

Setting up the management of your customers' consents is an important step in your onboarding phase. With our focus on user privacy and compliance with GDPR or CCPA, we have built a Consent Management framework in Bloomreach Engagement, which makes sure you only target opted-in customers and gives them an option to easily manage their preferences using the Consent Page. If you are using a double opt-in process, this is the time to set up the scenario as well.


Bloomreach Engagement can help you with our out-of-the-box Plug&Play Double opt-in scenario, please contact your CSM if you are interested.

Creating the campaigns

Campaign builders

You can build email campaigns in the dedicated Email Campaigns feature, or using Scenarios . The former one is useful for quickly sending out a bulk email, but if you need automation, personalisation based on real-time actions, or multi-channel communication, look into scenarios.


Bloomreach Engagement supports two email editors. A visual editor, very useful for quick building and editing of emails using drag-and-drop elements without any need of coding skills, and an HTML editor, which gives you full flexibility by building your own custom HTML and CSS code. You can read about the differences in the Email editors article.

You can create your email templates via asset manager and use them to create campaigns or vice versa. Using the asset manager can help you prepare reusable email templates or blocks to make the creation of your campaigns easy and efficient. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? Read through our Asset Manager documentation to learn more.

Testing your emails

As the last step of content preparation, we will look at testing the emails you are building, with native features and some additional tips. In Bloomreach Engagement, you can see previews of the emails for specific customers and it also allows you to check how your email renders on different devices.

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