Data management

Managing PII in Bloomreach Engagement

Define and manage PII (Personally identifiable information) like email, phone or names stored in Bloomreach Engagement. Flagging customer and event attributes as PII in Bloomreach Engagement has 2 functions:

  1. PII is visible only to specific users defined in access management.
  2. PII attributes will also be deleted during the anonymization process.

Flagging customer and event attributes as PII

  1. Head to Data & Assets > Data manager > and then go to either the customer attributes or the events tab.
  2. Hover over the attribute you want to flag as PII and click on the "lock" icon.
  3. Click "save changes".
    Note that for events, you need to click on an event to expand the list of its attributes and then you can flag them as PII individually.

Tag customer attribute as PII

How PII works in Bloomreach Engagement

Visibility to users

Every user who has the setting Personal data disabled in the access management cannot see any data that has been flagged as PII in Bloomreach Engagement. Instead, they will only see stars to indicate they don't have the required access rights.

The screenshots below show what a user with restricted rights sees in Bloomreach Engagement when registered, cookie and email are marked as PII, while the phone attribute is not flagged as PII.


PII view for customer filter


PII view in the customer profile

Anonymization of customers

Anonymization in Bloomreach Engagement means that all customer attributes that have been marked as PII (as explained above) will be deleted for that particular customer. There are two ways how you can anonymize a customer:

  1. Manually in the customer profile
  2. Through an API call, either for a single customer or in bulk.


Anonymization event attributes

You can read on anonymization event attributes in the System events article.