Web Personalization Package


On-site personalization and A/B testing with add-on in-app personalization - all are powered by real-time, first-party data for the fastest ROI on the market.


Real-time Personalized WeblayersDrive engagement and conversion with Weblayers, personalized banners that can be shown on specified pages of your website to a specified audience.
Zero Party Data Collection (Weblayers)Collect customer data in real-time and deliver on the demand for both privacy and personalization - all without data from other parties.
Web Optimization & A/B Testing (Experiments)Experiments (also known as web optimization) allow you to make changes to your website using a simple visual editor and switch between variants of your modifications to compare their performance.
Server-side Testing & Personalization (Managed Endpoints)Managed endpoints return personalized HTTP responses in a format defined by you and so suit your needs the best. They allow you to truly personalize the customer experience on any third-party application or channel.
Visual Builder and HTML Editor, Test & PreviewDesign weblayers in the intuitive "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" visual editor or by changing the code JS/HTML/CSS code directly.
Dynamic Content & PersonalizationMore advanced features that help you optimize your weblayers for the best possible performance and tailor them to your recipients.
Asset Library & Pre-built Weblayer TemplatesSelect one of our new predefined templates when creating a new weblayer. Templates are great starting points for your campaigns or special seasonal events like Black Friday.
Campaign Performance DashboardsUse Dashboards for analyses and evaluation of relevant data and see all the key metrics and trends about your business in a single place.


This package is further powered by our Customer Data Engine and Loomi AI. Learn about their features below.

Customer Data Engine

Real-time Data & Analytics

Single Customer View & Audience BuilderSingle customer view collects all relevant information in one place, including your customer historical data, interactions updated in real-time, and predicted future behavior β€” in a way that is intuitive and easy to take action on.
Real-time SegmentationTarget your customers strategically by dividing them into smaller groups based on a shared characteristic.
Real-time Event TrackingThe platform is capable of data processing and execution in less than a second, so all of your customer segments and campaigns will adapt immediately.
Data Retention Control (Data Minimization)Control your client data with our Bloomreach Engagement features to stay in compliance with GDPR and data protection.
1st party cookie tracking solutionsMitigate the impact of various tracking limitations imposed by browsers and sustain consistent tracking of anonymous users using 1st party server-side cookies.
Real-time Analytics & Data InsightsManage your data and gather useful insights into your customer behavior with the Bloomreach Engagement Analyses tools.
Dashboards, Custom Reporting & MetricsDashboards allow you to see all the key metrics and trends about your business in a single place. Create custom Reports and summarise important metrics, such as the total revenue, the number of buyers, or the conversion rate in grid tables.
Webhooks & Bloomreach OmniconnectWebhooks communicate with different services via APIs and enable you to send automated messages or retrieve data from third-party tools. Omniconnect lets you connect and manage integrations with any third-party platform without deep coding knowledge.
3rd Party IntegrationsIntegrate your project with virtually any third-party application.
SQL ReportsCreate the report based on data from 3rd party data sources that are written in SQL query or visual mode.
ImportsImport data to your project from sources outside of Bloomreach Engagement.
Custom SSOOur enhanced Single Sign-On (SSO) feature can control user roles through identity providers like Azure Active Directory and Okta. Additionally, the process of automatically creating users has been streamlined, eliminating the need for invitation emails.

Journey Orchestration & Campaigns

Drag-&-drop Journey Orchestration (Scenarios )Scenarios allow you to interact with the right blend of channels, such as email and SMS, for each customer and deliver relevant and consistent experiences.
Journey Simulation(Scenarios - Test & Preview )Dry-run the campaign as if it was executed immediately, taking into consideration all policies, A/B splits, unsubscribes, and other aspects, and see how your campaign will affect your customers and in what numbers.
Smart Frequency PolicyEnsure your customers don’t get overloaded by your campaigns. Set generic frequency rules for the entire audience or intelligently limit the number of campaigns by dynamically adapting to the customer's level of interactions and engagement.
Campaign CalendarPlan your campaigns even more effectively by having all the needed tools in one place - plan, design, test, execute and evaluate your campaigns in the Campaign Calendar.
Browser PushEngage with your customers through push notifications in different browsers.
VouchersSend your customers voucher codes to incentivize purchases and increase customer loyalty.
SurveysEasily create surveys that can be sent to customers using unique links and collect feedback to understand your target audience.
Tag ManagerTag Manager houses all predefined presets as well as custom tags that can be inserted into a webpage and allow customer personalization and custom tracking.
Centralized Consent ManagementManage your subscription policies and track any changes to consent for every customer.
Google SSOManage access and keep only active users via a centralized identity.
Security and Compliance SupportBloomreach Engagement provides a comprehensive set of security features to ensure that your customer data remains safe.
API Triggers for ScenariosSend personalized communications to targeted groups of customers based on external "world" events like a sports team winning, an article published, a freak weather event, a back-in-stock product, and more. Trigger one or more scenarios with just a single API call while also managing to filter the right audience and personalize the messages.

Loomi Standard

AI Optimal Send Time (Email & SMS)Make predictions about the time your customers are most likely to interact with your campaign. Our AI calculations are made based on the past behavior of your customers.
Recommendations (Popular Right Now, New Items, More like this, Filter-based, Customers Also Bought/Viewed, Personalized Recommendations, Textual Similarity, Advanced Engine to Combine Models)Deliver personalized and relevant content to customers at every step of their journey with product recommendations that are based on automatic analyses of customer behavior.


Add the features below to your package and make the most of the Bloomreach Engagement capabilities.

Loomi Premium

Audience Optimization

Predictions (Purchase, Churn, Open Email, In-Session, Custom)Use our AI powered advanced feature which uses machine learning models to predict customer behavior to choose the right campaign for a particular part of your audience to maximize your conversion rates.
AutosegmentsUncovers hidden opportunities by automatically generating high-value segments. Using AI to find unique combinations of customer properties and metrics, Autosegments remove the effort needed to analyze data and build hyper-targeted segments manually.

Workflow Optimization

Contextual Personalization (Weblayers, Email Campaigns, Scenarios)Contextual personalization is a Loomi AI powered personalization engine that automatically analyzes and understands the unique contexts of each customer to serve the most compelling content based on their historical interaction.
Weblayer Variants GeneratorShow personalized banners on specified pages of your website to a specified audience and drive engagement and conversion.
AI Content GeneratorCreate excellent marketing copywriting content directly in the campaign editor with Loomi AI.
Loomi Analytics AssistantGenerate analysis (report, funnel, trend, segmentation) and definition (metrics, aggregate, running aggregates, and expressions) by asking questions or sending requests in human language and get insights from data without a hours building it.

Additional Features

Big QueryFlexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure to house your data in an Engagement-like structure, frequent data updates ensure that your data is always available on demand for custom analytics using your own BI tools.
ExportsExport raw (CSV or JSON) data from Bloomreach Engagement in a custom-defined structure to any file storage via any of the existing file storage integrations (SFTP), (Google Cloud Storage) or Azure Storage.