(old) Consent Management

Consent management allows you to manage your subscription policies and tracks any changes to consents for every customer.

When a customer gives you consent, Bloomreach Engagement tracks it as an event. Tracking of consent does not happen automatically, however, so you need to integrate tracking of the consent event on all the touchpoints where you collect customers’ consent. The name of the event has to be consent.

Historical imports can be uploaded as a consent event.

For a new subscription and ongoing events, it is recommended that you track first via double_opt_in events (to capture consent from the customer) together with an Bloomreach Engagement scenario.

Every valid consent event must include 4 required attributes as defined in our consent tracking article. Other attributes are defined either manually as custom attributes or generated automatically. You can specify and track any other custom attributes you need.

For more information you can read our documentation on consent management.

Consent management setupYou are responsible for identifying GDPR categories that you intend to use as part of consent management. Bloomreach Engagement will provide you with best practices and documentation, and assist with the setup of categories in the Consent Management section of the Project Settings.
Custom consent pageBloomreach clients using the Bloomreach-hosted consent page may create custom designs by modifying the consent page template directly in the app. You are ultimately responsible for the design (HTML, CSS) and any other changes done to this page. Bloomreach's delivery team will perform a review of the consent page implementation, primarily to ensure any JINJA personalisation being used is not corrupted by the new design deployment.
Consent synchronisation - export to external APIConsent synchronisation is necessary to ensure changes in customer preferences are communicated from Bloomreach Engagement to external systems. This can be accomplished by building a custom API web-hook through which Bloomreach Engagement can send necessary consents data.

This API web-hook should be built and maintained by you, in accordance with the Tracking Document and considering the best practices outlined in our documentation on setting up your endpoint. You should also verify consent synchronisation with external systems.