What is Support?

The Engagement Support team is available to all the users of the platform and ready to assist them with a wide scope of issues. Support can be contacted from the chat icon in the app.


What can Support help you with?

Among the most frequent categories, it is possible to mention any technical issues of varying degrees of severity that affect the use of the platform, assistance when the platform is not functioning as expected and identification of the bugs that are passed to the respective internal teams. The team is also able to guide the user through the platform and its various features while providing the necessary assistance in building use cases.

Other responsibilities outside the wide scope are any kind of management of the project (administration of the projects, granting access, deleting data, managing IDs), any kind of custom solution such as custom integrations, code, API endpoints, or any software that was not developed by Bloomreach.

Learn more about how to approach Support

For more detailed information about the Engagement Support team, such as business hours, detailed explanation of the team’s scope, supported languages, and ways of contacting, please refer to the dedicated section in our documentation that you can find on this link.


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