Omniconnect lets you connect and manage integrations with any third-party platform using webhooks.

It allows users to integrate various data sources easily without deep coding knowledge. Omniconnect eliminates the need for manual API calls and dependence on external middleware. Our aim is to streamline the integration process, enabling teams to focus on implementing new integrations to support business growth.

Watch this short demo to see Omniconnect in action.

How It Works

Webhooks enable real-time API notifications, transmitting data between platforms. With Omniconnect, you can:

  • Receive webhooks directly in your project.
  • Use JavaScript to transform webhook payloads for Bloomreach endpoint compatibility.
  • Customize data sent to Bloomreach, including attributes, events, or purchases.
  • Utilize logging for quality assurance, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring.


What is a Webhook?

A Webhook is a mechanism in web development that lets an application automatically send notifications or data to another system in real-time. It facilitates direct communication between software services by immediately transmitting data upon specific event triggers.

Webhooks are used in scenarios like data updates, action triggers, or information synchronization across systems, eliminating the need for constant polling or manual efforts.


Number of Integrations and Requests

  • Omniconnect is limited to 5 integrations per account.
  • Each integration is limited to 400,000 requests per month.

If the created integration violates Omniconnect's functionality (non-compliance with limits, high peak requests per second/minute), Bloomreach usurps the right to stop the operation of such an integration for safety reasons.

Importing Historical Events

Omniconnect isn't designed to import large data volumes simultaneously, like historical events. Instead, use the platform's Import feature.

Ownership of Created Integrations

Integration owners are responsible for their data in Bloomreach and any issues with their integrations, like transformation functions, as these are beyond our support team's scope.

Contact our support team for issues with Omniconnect, such as non-functional buttons or visibility problems in your project. However, they can't assist with creating or maintaining Omniconnect integrations.


If Bloomreach creates an integration for you using Omniconnect, ownership remains with you.