How to Manage Consents Through a Scenario

Bloomreach Engagement platform enables modifying consents via creating events with a scenario. Here is a complete guide on how to do it.

As an example, the main component you can use is an AddEvent node through which you can add a consent event to a customer profile. There are 3 mandatory event properties that you need to specify inside the consent event in order to grant valid consent:

  1. action - accept or reject This depends if you wish to grant or revoke the consent.

  2. category - Name of the consent category You can retrieve this name from ProjectSettings >> PrivacyManagement >> Consents, where you can see the name of a particular consent category. This is important as the name of the consent that we see in the UI while selecting it, can be different.

  3. valid_until - UNIX timestamp or either “unlimited” If you are granting a consent, you can specify when it expires. You can use a UNIX timestamp for defining a specific expiration date or use value unlimited if you want it to last forever. This valid_until property is needed only when you are granting consent, if you are rejecting consent then this is not a mandatory event property.


Note that the above event properties are case-sensitive, and you need to use lowercase letters otherwise, they are not recognized. For more information on consent events along with all its attributes, refer to Engagement documentation.
A visual example of the scenario is as below: