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Engagement Hub is the place to start your Engagement journey at. Here you can find all the educational resources we provide about our platform to navigate you through your learning process to get the most out of using Engagement.

Learn more about the value Engagement can bring right here! The Engagement Hub includes tips and tricks, a recommended learning path, and suggestions of courses you can take to improve your knowledge.

Watch this overview of Bloomreach Engagement

The learning path

  1. Check how our Academy courses help you master Engagement and sign up for the Engagement Foundations Academy course
  2. Go through the brief documentation learning path to gain an essential understanding of the platform
  3. Learn what value Engagement delivers by reading Bloomreach Blogs - see our top picks here
  4. Read with what inquiries can Support help you
  5. Join our Bloomreach Engagement Slack Community!


What is the Academy?

Bloomreach Academy is our in-house training provider. Our mission is to provide thorough training on the Bloomreach Engagement solution so you can independently use it to its fullest potential. We strive to enable you to create the learning experience that works best for you!

We offer courses ranging from providing the general fundamental knowledge of the platform to more advanced and complex usage based on your specialization, as well as industry-specific training on topics such as GDRP, Customer Experience, Email Marketing, and more.

Our courses are built with the multimedia approach, consisting of on-demand bite-size videos, quizzes, practical assignments, and a demo environment to assure effective learning. Supported by live Q&A sessions with our industry experts, the courses will help you understand Engagement's functioning and become a confident user.

Start with these courses
  1. Engagement Foundations - this is the first step in becoming an independent user of the platform. After successful completion, you will have a complex overview of the most commonly used features and use cases and the ability to put them immediately into practice.
    • Engagement Crash course
    • Engagement “Analytics” Foundations - Coming Soon
    • Engagement “Emailing” Foundations - Coming Soon
  2. Engagement Integration - suitable for any more technically focused user interested in a more in-depth understanding of the critical data points, integration possibilities, imports, and optimization.
  3. Engagement Analytics - recommended course for anyone interested in harnessing every analytic tool available on the platform. It covers creating astonishingly in-depth reports, comprehensive dashboards, and leveraging your data to build revenue-generating use cases.


What is Documentation?

It's a centralized source of information about Engagement where you can read about:

Start with these articles
  1. Introduction to get to know the app
  2. Basic features to ensure a hands-on experience
  3. More advanced features to get the most out of Engagement
  4. Use Cases to deliver value to your business fast


What is Bloomreach Blog?

Visit our Blog, a one-stop shop for educational articles, product news, and tips to fuel your marketing and commerce experience. You can find exciting articles where we write about everything: how to use customer data to ensure the best personalization tactics, ways of understanding your customers, tricks on using our Engagement platform to best meet your marketing goals, and so much more!

Bloomreach Blog is the perfect place for your inquiries about what Customer Data Platforms are and what is their added value. We recommend these blogs to answer your questions.

Broaden your e-commerce knowledge

Apart from introductory articles about CDPs, there are plenty of other blogs about various topics which definitely ensure that you keep up with the latest e-commerce trends. Try reading these:

Get even more inspired

Go check out:

  • Case Studies to see what value Bloomreach Engagement delivers to companies
  • Webinars, where we have also launched the Commerce Experience Show to learn about trends impacting your customers and discover how you can create genuinely impactful customer journeys with Bloomreach
  • Podcasts featuring meaningful discussions with commerce experts and thought-leaders from around the world
  • News to read the latest news about Bloomreach
  • Analyst Reports for insights into the industry


What is Bloomreach Community?

Bloomreach Engagement Slack Community is an exclusive forum for you, Bloomreach Engagement clients, to collaborate and share your insights.

Why should you join?

You will

  • get to be part of a community of people with similar challenges and goals that use Bloomreach Engagement in their daily work
  • get access to exclusive content, including how-tos and valuable tips
  • be able to get multiple answers from people with different perspectives
  • be able to propose the creation of new channels where you can discuss a specific topic
  • be able to share your knowledge with others

In order to join, download Slack for either Windows or Mac. After that, you should contact your Bloomreach Engagement consultant so that they send you an invite to the community workspace.


Ever in need of help with anything? No worries! Our Support team is here to assist you! Read this article to find out more.


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