Engagement Hub

Engagement Hub

What is the Engagement Hub?

Welcome to Engagement Hub, a place where you can find all the educational resources we provide about Bloomreach Engagement to improve your learning process and to get the most out of using our platform! You can learn more about the value Engagement can bring you here. The Engagement Hub content includes tips and tricks, a recommended learning path, what courses you can take to improve your knowledge, where you can find help through the Support team or join discussions in our Bloomreach community.

What can you find here?

  • Value potential of Engagement within your reach
  • Top tips to get started
  • Overview of relevant existing resources and what can each bring you

Watch this overview of Bloomreach Engagement

Top 5 Things to Get Started

  1. Check how our Academy courses help you master Engagement and sign up for the Engagement Foundations Academy course
  2. Go through the brief documentation learning path to gain an essential understanding of the platform
  3. Learn what value Engagement delivers by reading Bloomreach Blogs - see our top picks here
  4. Read with what inquiries can Support help you
  5. Join our Bloomreach Engagement Slack Community!

Overview of Hub Sections

  1. What is Academy?
  2. What is Documentation?
  3. What is Bloomreach Blog?
  4. What is Bloomreach Support?
  5. What is Bloomreach Community?

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