Email API for vendors

To enable any email service provider (ESP) to become Bloomreach partners and deliver emails sent from Bloomreach Engagement, we have developed the Email API for vendors. This service consists of an API specification and a Vendor guide, and provides a unified way for ESPs to, provided that requirements are met, integrate with Bloomreach Engagement.

How it works

First, the potential emailing partner will receive instructions on how to prepare and develop the email integration. According to the instructions, the ESP then develops and tests the connection on their side. Once it is ready, Bloomreach can sign a partnership and add this new integration into our offering of ESP providers. This enables Bloomreach clients to configure the integration with the new ESP and start using it for Email campaigns.


Note that this service does not guarantee that any new vendor can/will be added. The signature of the new partnership deal must be preceded by development on both sides as expected. Any vendor must understand that a major development load will be on their side.