What is the Academy?

Bloomreach Academy is our in-house training provider. Our mission is to provide thorough training of the Bloomreach Engagement solution so you can use it to its fullest potential independently. We strive to enable you to create the learning experience that works best for you!

Useful to know

We offer courses ranging from providing the general fundamental knowledge of the platform to more advanced and complex usage based on your specialization. As well as industry-specific training on topics such as GDRP, Customer Experience, Email Marketing, etc.

To assure effective learning our courses are build with the multimedia approach, consisting of on-demand bite-size videos, quizzes, practical assignments, demo environment. All supported by live instructor-led and Q&A sessions with our industry experts working with clients on a daily basis providing you with the latest use cases and erasing confusion.

Recommended to start with

  1. Engagement Foundations - this is the first step in order to become an independent user of the platform. After successful completion, you will have a complex overview of the most commonly used features and use cases and the ability to put them immediately into practice.
    • Engagement Crash course - Coming Soon
    • Engagement “Analytics” Foundations - Coming Soon
    • Engagement “Emailing” Foundations - Coming Soon
  2. Engagement Integration -suitable for any, more technically focused, user interested in a more in-depth understanding of the key data points, integration possibilities, imports and optimization.
  3. Engagement Analytics - recommended course for anyone interested in how to harness every analytic tool available in the platform. It covers how to create astonishingly in-depth reports, comprehensive dashboards, leveraging your data to build revenue-generating use cases.

Fresh materials