Percentage of Conversion Product IDs is not Seen in the Add to Cart


Pixel report is red for percentage conversion Product IDs not seen in the Add to Cart.

Possible Reasons

This report displays issues of the PID captured by the conversion event pixel that does not match the Add to Cart (ATC) PID.

Environment Details

This issue occurs in both the staging and production environments.


The prod_id captured by the ATC pixel event is not matching the PID captured at the conversion event. The prod_id value of the ATC event needs to be compared with the PID available in the basket at the conversion event.
Let us consider the following example: prod_id value in the ATC event is “1MW7260HLG_M” and the basket has the PID “i1MW726_0HLG



Ask your technical team to ensure that the PID is the same across the complete Pixel flow. Refer to the Pixel documentation for more information.

You can download the examples from the pixel monitor. Also, you should be able to validate the site using the pixel validator extension.


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