Pathways does not Display the Relevant Item


Pathways API does not display the relevant items for some of the products.


  • Attribute values associated with the product is not correctly defined about the product
  • Frequent changes in the feed data for that product

Environment Details

This issue can occur in both Staging and Production environments.


The Bloomreach algorithm extracts the information from the multiple attributes (title, description etc) to understand the product, product type, etc and forms a "keyword" to find similar items.
Sometimes, two unrelated products with matching attribute values can be observed in the API response.


You can make use of merchandising capabilities to remove or hide the irrelevant product.

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Navigate to Pathways and Recommendations > Widget Configurator.
  3. Select the widget that you wish modify (on a global level or query level)
  4. Click Manage > Edit Rule.
  5. Click on the Product Grid tab and make the necessary widget level rule.

For more information, refer to Merchandising Capabilities



The above mentioned solution is not feasible in case the issue occurs for a large number of Products. To avoid the issue, fix the noisy fields in the feed from the beginning itself.


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