Why does Bloomreach need my product feed?

What's a product feed?

The contents of your product catalog constitute your product feed. Your product feed provides critical information that Bloomreach technology needs to act on your content. You can deliver your feed to a Bloomreach FTP site or you can send Bloomreach to your own FTP site.

It's important that you include all of your products when you generate your product feed. If your product doesn't exist in your feed, then Bloomreach can't act on it.

How does Bloomreach use the product feed?

Bloomreach uses your product feed to curate your product grid and thematic pages, optimize search quality, and populate widget content.

You generate your feed by defining its attributes then delivering it to us daily. The feed attributes represent details of all the active products in your product catalog.

When you generate your feed, you need to include all of your products. Your product must exist in your feed before Bloomreach can put it in a thematic page or display it in search results. For example, the Bloomique site sells white dresses and has a thematic page for white dresses called Simply Gorgeous White Dresses. If Bloomique doesn't include its white dresses in its daily product feed, then Bloomique customers don't see the Simply Gorgeous White Dresses page.

The quality of your product feed has a direct effect on the quality and richness of your pages and widgets. The richer the information in your product feed, the better your pages and widgets look. To create rich, relevant results with Bloomreach, your product feed must be detailed, accurate, and current. In particular, make sure that you have good values for the following items in your product feed:

  • All in-stock products
  • Product categories
  • Product prices
  • Product descriptions
  • Descriptive fields, such as color, brand, and size



To keep your data fresh and reflective of your current inventory, generate your full product feed daily.