Customizable Product Card Attributes & Metrics

This guide introduces you to the Customizable Product Card Attributes & Metrics feature.

What is the Customizable Product Card Attributes & Metrics feature

Customizable Product Card Attributes & Metrics feature enables merchandisers to select a custom data set to display on product cards in the Visual Editor. In addition to performance metrics (RPV, ATC, and CR), you can choose to view data about inventory, margin, and other product attributes that would help inform your merchandising decisions.

Feature Scope

The feature supports the following Ranking rules scope for each site:

Search Query and Category Ranking Scope:

  • Site Search – Ranking
  • Category Ranking
  • Global Ranking Rule
  • Global Category Ranking Rule
  • Global Search Ranking Rule

Recommendations and Widgets Scope:

  • Search (Global Widget + Query Widget)
  • Category (Global Widget + Query Widget)
  • Global Widget only - All Recommendations widgets
  • Global Recommendation Rule

Why this feature benefits your business

  • Aid in Decision Making: A curated data set guides merchandising decisions by providing product-specific insights. Knowledge of such critical insights empowers you to make strategic merchandising actions.

    For example, while running a sale, you might want to boost discounted products with high inventory levels. In this case, the visibility of sale price and inventory data on the product cards guides you in boosting the right products.

  • Efficiency & Self-sufficiency: Viewing the right product information at the right time allows you to make efficient and data-backed decisions that meet your business goals.

    It also leads to more self-sufficiency and less reliance on third-party data providers, as the custom product data set is readily available within our Visual Editor.

  • Mimic In-store Merchandising: This feature mimics the in-store merchandising experience where you have your digital stockroom with a bird’s eye view of the product KPIs you care about the most.

    With relevant data cues, it’s easier to optimize your digital real estate and reorder products as per your goals, such as boosting new products, high-margin or high-inventory products, and so on.

How to customize product cards

Customized Product Card Attributes & Metrics feature provides you granular control to alter the product cards at different levels. To configure the data displayed in the Product cards, refer to the following guides as per the use case:

What´s next?

Configure the global display settings of your product cards.