Product Grid Editor

Bloomreach's algorithm optimizes for driving more Revenue to your site. However, sometimes merchandisers might have different business objectives (e.g. tell a brand story) or have additional information that the Bloomreach algorithm is unaware of (e.g. upcoming campaigns/launches). The Product Grid Editor is a tool will allow the merchandiser to customize the results and create the desired experience for their end user. 

The Product Grid Editor is the primary Visual Merchandising tool that you will use in the Bloomreach dashboard. The Editor is used to implement various merchandising operations such as boost, bury, include, exclude etc. You also can preview what the results might look like for a Search Query (Search Term), Category, Thematic Page or at the Global level. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like:

Where will you see the Product Grid Editor?

The product grid editor is displayed in several locations:

  • Search & Merchandising > Site search > Ranking rules(Create and edit Search Ranking Rules)
  • Search & Merchandising> Categories > Ranking rules (Create and edit Category Ranking Rules)
  • Setup > Discovery Global Configurations > Global ranking rules (Create and edit Global Product Ranking Rule)
  • SEO > Create Page

Components of the Product Grid Editor

Query/Category Box 

Enter the Search Query (Search Term) or Category ID for which you would like to merchandise.

Please note that queries that include the characters "*" or ":" are not supported for merchandising rules.


Once you have defined an "Audience" in the Targeting section of the dashboard, you can use the drop-down here to merchandise and create experiences specifically for an audience.


Create experiences for a specific occasion or event by assigning a time duration  (start and end date/time) to your merchandising rule. 

Product & Attribute Merchandising Rules / Insights

  • Product: Add additional product(s) to the search or category results. Search by keyword or a product ID. A List of products will be returned in the column below. Products can be dragged from the left-hand column into the main product grid if you want to add them to the result set for that specific query/category. If the product already existed in the product grid, it will be labeled as "Already in grid"

  • Attribute: Control multiple products in the product grid which share the same attributes. Select Attribute and you will be directed to a list of Attributes that can be used for several merchandising operations such as Boost, Bury, Include and Exclude. Learn more at boost attributes in search results.

  • Insights: Review the various metrics (such as association score, RPV, ATC rate, etc.) of each product in the grid to help guide your re-ranking or merchandising decisions. These metrics are sitewide metrics and not specific to the page. You will have to navigate to the Insights section first after login to activate this function. 

Product Grid 

This section will lay out the product results when you are under the "Visual Editor" tab. The views here will change based on your selection of the tabs as shown here.

Visual Editor/ Changes / External Changes

  • Visual Editor: Provides a glimpse of how the product grid is impacted by the edits you have added with this specific rule. Note: To avoid rule conflicts, the visual editor will also show an external rule (an existing merchandising rule) that is influencing this current rule.

  • Changes: Provides a list of the changes made to the product grid as a part of this specific rule.

  • External Changes: Provides a list of the changes made to the product grid that are NOT part of this specific rule. These will usually be pre-existing rules that impact the current query/category being edited (e.g. a global rule would show in this tab).

Note: Changing the tabs here will change the display area as shown below.

Cancel/ Preview / Save New Test Variant / Save: 

  • Cancel: Cancels any unsaved changes to the existing screen. Any changes saved prior will still continue to exist.

  • Preview: While the “Visual Editor” is a preview of the current rule being edited, the “Preview” is a rendering of what the final page would look like after all rules(internal and external rules) have taken effect. It will show you the final result of how the product grid will look on your site. You can also use this to look at a Side-by-Side preview of the current state of the grid and then what it looks like with the new rule. You can only Preview 100 products.

  • Save New Test Variant: Merchandising rules can be A/B tested through the Bloomreach dashboard. If you would like to A/B test a merchandising rule, click this button to save the rule as a variant of the original. You will then be prompted to the A/B test screen to run the test of your new variant vs. the original results. Learn more about A/B testing here.

  • Save: Saves all of the merchandising changes you've made on the screen