Page View Pixels

What are Page View Pixels

Page View Pixels are implemented to capture user’s navigation tracking as pageview events. Pageview events then represent the loading or viewing of specific page types on a website/app. The Discovery platform is interested only in selected specific types.

The data gathered by these Pixels helps improve Bloomreach Discovery's search relevance, recommendations engine, and overall user experience by learning more about customer preferences and onsite behavior.

How to Implement Page View Pixels

Follow the below steps:

  1. Map all the global tracking variables in the global tracking snippet.
  2. Customize the global tracking snippet and insert the page view type specific tracking parameters. The parameters are specified in the pages listed below.
  • Category Page View - Tracks views of any category listing pages, category product listing pages, or pages that you consider a category page.
  • Content Page View - Tracks views of content pages. This may include blog posts, articles, product descriptions, instructional videos, etc., that are powered by Discovery Content search (otherwise, track the page as Other page view).
  • Conversion Page View Pixel - Tracks views of conversion pages (e.g., post-purchase Thank you page).
  • Product Page View - Tracks views of a product detail page (PDP), such as any product, product bundle, product collection, or SKU set pages.
  • Search Result Page View - Tracks views of any search listing or search results pages.
  • Thematic Page View Pixel - Tracks views on Thematic pages powered by Bloomreach SEO module
  • Homepage Page View Pixel - Tracks any home page or landing page that is considered a home page
  • Other Page View pixel - Tracks views of other pages that you may have, such as Contact Us, Privacy and Terms pages, Shipping information, etc.

Where to add the tracking snippet

We recommend that you add the page view event code to your master site template footer, which affects every page on your site, including your conversion (HTTPS) pages. This will allow Bloomreach to gather the information we need from your site to support your Bloomreach content and optimize user experience.